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Ontario Architectural Style Guide HPI Nomination Team University of Waterloo January 2009 1 2 Log Houses and Structures 1780s- This “gable-roofed, one-and-a-half-storey log cabin , surrounded on three sides by rooms of frame construction, with roofs of a lean-to form. its basic form reflects the configuration of Guelph’s first major log structure, the priory, the original Canada Company headquarters in guelph, built in the 1820s. although it was much larger, the priory also took the form of a central, gable-roofed core, flanked by a lean-to section at each end. The construction date was probably between 1852 and 1862”. (Canadian Register Nomination) Log houses may differ in the manner in which the logs are adzed and fitted together. Form: Rectangular, symmetrical Storeys: 1 (usually) Façade: Plain horizontal log, chinking of moss or plaster Roof : End gable Windows: Fixed and small paned Entrance: Plain, central or side entry Westfield Village (Kyles, 2002g) Wood Cottage, 280 Palmer St...