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Open Ended Problem #1 Indiana Jones Individual work only, Due 9/7/16 at beginning of class (Don't be afraid to "Google" for reasonable assumptions; just provide references!) Raiders of the Lost Ark Clearly, Dr. Jones realized while standing in the temple in Peru that he mistakenly estimated the weight of the gold statue while in his office at Marshall College (in Bedford Connecticut). He filled the bag outside the temple based on his estimates in CT, though when he stood before the statue he realized his mistake. He tried to remedy this by removing a large handful of sand, but he didn't remove the correct amount. How many handfuls of sand should he have removed in order to have prevented his running a 400 meter dash in front of a giant boulder? 1) What is this problem actually asking for? What is the final value being asked to find? 2) Draw a sketch that indicates the actual problem. 3) a) What physical laws apply to this problem? b) Indicate equations, correlations, and/or formulae th...