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Prices in USA (Dollar) Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Global Price ListJune 7, 2022Software Investment GuideThis document is the property of Oracle Corporation. Any reproduction of this document in part or in whole is strictly prohibited. For educational purposes only. Subject to change without notice.1 of 14 Prices in USA (Dollar)License PriceSoftware Update License & SupportMetricMinimumGovernance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)Application Access Controls Governor895196.90Monitored User100 Option: Application Access Controls for E-Business Suite20044.00Monitored User100 Marketing and SalesMarketing5,7951,274.90Application User10TeleSales6,8951,516.90Application User10 Option: Advanced Pricing2,295504.90Application User10Field Sales4,5951,010.90Application User10Sales for Handhelds485106.70Application User10Quoting1,395306.90Application User10 Option: Advanced Pricing2,295504.90Application User10Partner Management1,145251.90Partner Organization100Proposals455100.10Application User25I...