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THIRTEENTH PARLIAMENT OF SINGAPORE __________________ FIRST SESSION __________________________________ ORDER PAPER SUPPLEMENT ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sup. No. 1 WEDNESDAY, 6 APRIL 2016 1 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ESTIMATES OF EXPENDITURE FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 1ST APRIL, 2016 TO 31ST MARCH, 2017 (PAPER CMD. 2 OF 2016) Notices of Amendments to be moved in the Committee of Supply. Head P - Ministry of Home Affairs That the total sum to be allocated for Head P of the Estimates be reduced by $100. (a) Counter-terrorism Mr Christopher de Souza (b) SG Secure Dr Tan Wu Meng (c) Counter-terrorism and the Community Ms Rahayu Mahzam (d) Security Audit of Commercial Buildings Mr Patrick Tay (e) Terrorism Threat Mr Pritam Singh (f) Measures Against T...