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Organic Lawn Care Watering Water infrequently but deeply. Water only about once every 7 to 10 days when there has not been a good rain. Light watering encourages shallow root growth. Shallow roots dry out quickly in dry, hot weather. You should wet the soil down to the full root depth, about 6 inches. To know how deep the soil is saturated, stick a shovel or spade into the soil and press forward to see how far the saturation goes. If you do not know the rate of your sprinkler, place a coffee can within its range and measure the depth of the water collected. After an hour, it should measure 2 inches. Do not over-water. Too much water can suffocate turf and encourage disease. More lasting damage can be done to a lawn by over watering than by drought. Organic lawns have better soil structure, more organic material, hold more water and can withstand dry weather better than chemically-treated lawns. The best time to water is in the early morning. Watering should never be done at night and g...