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Foreword from Chief of ArmyMessage from SAF Sergeant MajorNote from Sergeant Major of the ArmyPrefaceEditorial CommitteeOur Beginnings1Military Etiquette and Decorum19Colours, Standard and Pennant31Ceremonial Dress and Pageantry Display59Parade and Ceremony81Mess Customs91Military Dining-In99Military Wedding111Do You Know...?115Bibliography133Reference135Origins of Military Words137Special Thanks145Index147Contents All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be produced in anyform or by any means, without their prior permission of the Ministry of DefenceFirst Published April 2006 Foreword fromChief of ArmyOur Army is as much a part of ourdefence capability as it is a nationalinstitution. Over the past 40 years,it has remained steadfast inhelping to turn boys to men, andfostered a sense of mission andvalues in both regulars andnational servicemen. As wecontinue our journey to the 3GArmy, it is timely to take stock ofsome of the heritage, customs andtraditions that define us. Al...