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YOUR SUCCESSOUR PASSIONwww.PaveTool.com 22CONTENTSEdge RestraintSuction EquipmentBlock ClampsSlab/Paver ClampsHand ToolsAdjusters/MalletsLevels/Screeders/AltimetersDrainageVenting SolutionsSplittersTool Organizer/KitTruck AccessoriesEasy JointiQ Power ToolsWeber Compaction4816202429303234353637383940Laying Machines42 Our Promise: Providing contractors with safe, unique cutting-edge tools and systems for companies to preserve their health & increase profitability.EVOLUTIONTHROUGH EXPERIENCE3 4Edge Restraint 5Edge RestraintSOLVING INDUSTRY PROBLEMSEasy-To-Use Permeable SolutionStitching Technology - Dense Grade SolutionAttractive Landscape EdgingCompact & Easy to StoreNo New Learning Curve