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Outline for Acrylic Painting Winter SceneTips and Tricks by Liz Connelly-Dec. 9, 2020www.lemontartistsguild.orgE-mail: [email protected] provided copyright free from James Wheeler at www.Pexels.comHi! Before I read our introduction, you can view/download my outline and website reference page on ourwebsite at www.lemontartistguild.org if you prefer to follow along, and I’ll keep it up there for you toreference in the future if you are not able to download it now.I. Introduction-Put up background of Pic of Acrylic Painting Techniques? Read IntroAs I was trying to create this program about Tips and Tricks with Acrylic Paint I found somedifficulty in figuring out what exactly to focus in on to talk with you about tonight. I tried to hone itdown to apply to painting realistic such as with this winter scene and give you information that Ithink is very useful when doing so. When you are creating a new piece of art, whether you are abeginner or experienced, the main thing is,...