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OUTSTANDING ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY SCREENPLAY BYBONG JOON HO AND HAN JIN WONSTORY BYBONG JOON HOFOR YOUR CONSIDERATION PARASITE Story byBong Joon Ho Screenplay byBong Joon Ho and Han Jin Won 1122TITLE SEQUENCE OVER BLACK Accompanied by dark but curiously upbeat MUSIC. At the end of the credits, the MAIN TITLE, in strange calligraphy, fills the screen -- “PARASITE” MUSIC FADES. INT. SEMI-BASEMENT - DAY A dank semi-basement apartment. KI-WOO, 24, runs from corner to corner searching desperately for a Wi-Fi signal. Various networks pop up, but they’re all password-protected. KI-WOONO. Not you too “iptime.” Ki-Jung! Upstairs neighbor finally locked up his Wi-Fi. ADJACENT ROOM -- Lying on the floor of the narrow room, KI-JUNG, 23, barely moves her lips -- ‘Fuck.’ KI-JUNGTry ‘123456789.’ Then try it backwards. KI-WOO No luck. ANOTHER ROOM -- Also lying on the floor, CHUNG-SOOK, 49, the mother, scoffs at their collective misery. CHUNG-SOOKWhat am I supposed to do if someone calls me? What if it’...