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O V E R T H E I N F L U E N C EW W W . O V E R T H E I N F L U E N C E . C O MH O N G K O N G | L O S A N G E L E S | B A N G K O KOver the Influence PresentsJonathan EdelhuberSomething Old, Something New15 July to 27 August 2022Jonanthan Edelhuber, Still Life with Keith Haring Sculpture on Art Books, 2022, Acrylic on canvas,111.8 by 101.6 cm, 44 by 40 in, Photo courtesy of the Artist and Over the InfluenceOver the Influence Hong Kong is pleased to present Something Old, Something New, an exhibitionof still life paintings and sculptures by US-based artist Jonathan Edelhuber. Something Old,Something New, will be on view from 15 July to 27 August 2022. This is Edelhuber’s firstpresentation in Hong Kong, and his second with the galleryFor this exhibition, Edelhuber exclusively celebrates still life, in both subject matter and style, wherethe paintings and sculptures are painted very similarly to the isolated skulls or colorful faces thatEdelhuber is widely recognized for. Entirely painted...