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(Syllabus for M.Sc. Programme in Botany on choice based credit based system to be implemented form Academic session 2015 onwards) 1 P. G. DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY, UNIVERSITY OF KASHMIR, SRINAGAR CHOICE BASED CREDIT BASED COURSE STRUCTURE TO BE IMPLEMENTED FROM ACADEMIC SESSION 2015-16 The revised syllabi and courses of study for Post-graduate programme in Botany is to be adopted for all the semesters from the Academic session 2015 onwards. Course Structure: There will be 12 core courses (theory and lab. Combined together) in all with each semester covering 3 core courses referred as Bot- CR. Each core course will be worth 4credits with theory covering 3 credits and practical component 1 credit. There will be Discipline Centric Elective (DCE) courses (mainly for Department’s own students) worth 5credits referred to as Bot-DCE. Students can opt for atleast one to earn five credits. Further, in addition to CR and DCE courses there will be Generic Elective courses referred to as Bot-GE which ...