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Paint a Tail Painting Tutorial Video Tutorial at smcpl.org/paint https://youtu.be/CNTllZVtUE0 Directions Draw the Mermaid Tail shape with a pencil Use a pencil to draw or trace the mermaid tail. Paint The Background Use the flat side of the brush and “X” shape and swirl techniques to paint the background. Triple load the brush with up to three colors. Paint in textured angle strokes blending the colors on the canvas. Try not to over blend the colors to the point where they all turn the same solid color. Try to create some variations in the background where some areas are lighter, some darker. Paint the tail Load your brush with one color and a little bit of white. Paint the tail stroking downwards blending the color with the white. Blend in more white in the center so there is more white in the center of the tail. Add more of the color on the left and right of the tail so it is slightly darker on those sides. Or do the opposite and have more white on the edges of the tail. Paint the fi...