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JPCL • May 2003 • PCE4 www.paintsquare.comNewsn the past few years, mate-rials and gear for contain-ment of painting work haveadvanced significantly. This is espe-cially true for cold weather paintingof water tanks. Significantly, withcontainment and heating, paintingprojects on water storage tanks cannow proceed later in the year thanpreviously. This change is importantbecause summer is generally theworst time to take water tanks out ofservice since demand is highest. Thisarticle summarizes the challenges ofpainting in cold weather, describesthe importance of ambient tempera-ture and the role of containment inmaintaining that temperature, andgives tips for success.Challenges of the ColdIn Michigan and in most northernstates, the coating season has fol-lowed the pattern of a very busyspring, a slow summer, a very busyfall, and no work in winter. Unless they are blessed withmultiple tanks, owners of towers cannot remove a tankfrom the system during the peak demands of summer.Cold weathe...