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1 Developed by St. Mary’s General Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Pantry Staples and Kitchen Essentials Basic ingredients in your kitchen help make heart healthy meals quick and easy. You’ll enjoy meal prep more when you start with a stocked pantry. Load up on some of these heart healthy options: Category Examples Fresh Fruits  Fresh seasonal fruits like:  berries, oranges, apples  pears, bananas, grapes  papaya, mandarins, pineapple  apricots and mangoes  Dried unsweetened fruits like:  raisins, cranberries, dates  figs, berries, apples and apricots  Fresh seasonal vegetables like:  yellow, green, and red bell peppers  cucumbers, broccoli, kale, cauliflower  tomatoes, dark leafy greens, celery  eggplant, zucchini, squash Dairy and Dairy Alternatives  Skim or 1% milk  Soy or almond beverage (plain, unsweetened)  0 or 1% yogurt (plain, unsweetened)  Cheese (bricks or shredded)  1% ricotta or cottage cheese  Light cream cheese or 5% sour cream  Eggs or egg w...