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PAP ... P20 series bushes (EGB E50 / SF-2 / PCM M / PG A)Low-maintenance with lubrication pockets.Characteristics1. Modified polyacetal (POM)0,30 - 0,50 mm2. Bronze poroso0,20 - 0,30 mm3. Steel backing0,40 - 2,20 mm4. Electro-plating Copper~ 0,008 mmStructure:Advantages:• Low maintenance, due to long intervals of re-lubrication.• Good adaptability to oscillating and rotating movements.• Limited wear (if applied and used correctly).• Water repellent.• Reduced sensibility to the loading on the edges.• Good heat dispersion.Technical features:Load capacity:From 120 N/mm2 to 250 N/mm2.Speed limit v-max:2,5 m/sTemperature limit:-40°C to +130°CFriction coefficient dry:µ: 0,05 to 0,25Pv limit:22 N/mm2 * m/sPTIThe porous bronze layer is sintered on the steel backing and has the function of bonding the sliding surface in polyacetalic resin and permitting thermal dispersion which presents sockets for collecting and gradually releasing the lubricant in order to reduce friction and protect the surf...