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1Paper-XIII: Unit 1Poetry in the Victorian worldContents1. Introduction2. Victorian Poets3. Major Themes: an Overview4. Study Questions5. Suggested Readings6. 6. BibliographyStructure1. Introduction1.1 Victorian LiteratureThe important writing of the Victorian period is to a large extent the product of a doubleawareness. This was a literature addressed with great immediacy to the needs of the age, tothe particular temper of mind which had grown up within a society seeking adjustment tothe conditions of modern life. And to the degree that the problems which beset the world ofa century ago retain their urgency and still await solution, the ideas of the Victorian writersremain relevant and interesting to the twentieth century. Any enduring literature, however,must transcend topicality; and the critical disesteem into which so much Victorian writing2has fallen may be traced to the persistent notion that the literary men of that timeoversubscribed to values with which our own time is no lon...