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ARCHITECTURAE et ARTIBUS - 1/201442PARAMETRIC, GENERATIVE, EVOLUTIONARY, ORGANIC AND BIONIC ARCHITECTURE – A NEW LOOK AT AN OLD PROBLEMMarta PakowskaWrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, ul. B. Prusa 53/55, 50-317 Wrocław, PolandE-mail: [email protected] constant development of all areas of human life forces the continuity of an awareness limited to individual selected issue, but also imposes searches in broader fields of science. The same phenomenon also did not miss the architectural design. Dynamism of changes and participation, among others, mathematics, computer sciences or biology design ente-red confusion and false perception of the definition of the new methods of design. The main goal of the article is to organize the principles that govern parametric, generative, evolutionary, bionic or organic design. The basis for distinguishing between these issues is to define the objectives of the initial formation of a solid object. Evolution of change...