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Parrish Home Art Studios ALUMINUM FOIL FIGURES Many of the sculptures in the museum’s exhibition​ ​Field of Dreams​ are made of metal. ​ ​Metal is an ideal material for outdoor sculpture because it is long-lasting and resilient ​ ​to most weather conditions. Some artists work directly with metal to make a sculpture, using saws, nuts, bolts and heat to shape their work. Others will make sculptures from different materials such as clay or wax, even an existing object, and then make a mold of this first form to be cast in metal. It can be quite a process! Joel Shapiro (American, born 1941), Untitled, 2014, Bronze, 120 x 100 x 50 inches, Courtesy of the artist and Kasmin Gallery, NY Let’s take a closer look at Joel Shapiro’s sculpture, ​Untitled​, (pictured above) which you ​ ​can see in person by visiting the Parrish Art Museum meadow. This sculpture is made ​ ​up of bronze rectangular forms and certainly reminds us of a figure in motion. Shapiro ​ ​achieves this by arranging simple recta...