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Past and Future: A Collection of Bengali Literature, 1Smita GhoshNewton CollectionPast and Future: A Collection of Bengali LiteratureI was introduced to Bengali literature early in life because although I was bornand raised in America, my father is Bengali. My father was born in Kolkata and livedthere until he was 25. (Kolkata is the new spelling of Calcutta, the capital city of the stateof West Bengal in India. The language spoken there is Bengali.) He moved to Americafor graduate school, met my mother, a Caucasian American, and eventually settled here.He has always kept Indian literature in our house, scattered across the bookshelves theway that the scent of curry powder lingered in the crevices of our tiny New York kitchen;incidental or normal for me as a child, but also powerfully meaningful in retrospect.I wouldn’t want to make this a story about my father, though. While heintroduced me to the field and has always supported my interest, I really got involved inreading Bengali lite...