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Patent Law for Engineers and ScientistsProf. Feroz AliDepartment of ManagementIndian Institute of Technology, MadrasLecture - 37Patent Prosecution: Powers of ControllerOrders Regarding Substitution of Applicants (Refer Slide Time: 00:17)Section 20: power of controller to make orders regarding substitution of applicants’etcetera. When an application is filed the applicant on whose behalf the application ismade is mentioned in the application itself. Now assume that after period of time theapplicant wants to assign the invention to another person even before grant, it still in theapplication fees he wants to assign it or it is a part of a company he wants to sell thecompany or he wants to sell the invention alone like it is a research organizationsomebody has shown interest in the invention. So, they have an agreement to sell theinvention to that person.In all these cases they could be a transfer of title, a transfer of ownership from theapplicant to another person, either through a sale...