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PATENTS AND DESIGNS ACT CAP P2 LFN 2004 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS 1.Patentable Invention s PATENTS 2.Right To Patent ent 3.Patent Applications And Grant Of Pat d Publication 4.Examination Of Application 5.Form Of Grant, Registration AnPatent f Patent 6.Rights Conferred By se Ont 7.Duration And Lap8. Surrender Of Pate 9. Nullity Of Patent 10.Licences Of Right 11. Compulsory Licences And Official Use 12.Nature Of Industrial D DESIGNS esigns 13.Registrable Designs 14.Right To Registration egistration 15.Applications For Registration 16.Examination Of Applications For R 17.Registration And Publication 18.Applications Under Sealed Cover ion istration 19.Rights Conferred By Registrat20.Duration And Renewal Of Reg21. Renunciation Of Registration 22. Nullity Of Registration 23.Contractual Licences sfers hts GENERAL 24.Assignments, TranRig And Joint Ownership 25.Infringement Of 26.Legal Proceedings us Provisions 27.Foreign Priority ration: Miscellaneo 28.Regist 29.Effect Against The State ransiti...