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An initiativeof thePATENTS IN LATIN AMERICAIP IN A NUTSHELL AN ADMINISTRATIVE SHORTLIST PER COUNTRYARGENTINABOLIVIABRAZILCHILECOLOMBIACOSTA RICACUBADOMINICAN REPUBLIC ECUADOREL SALVADORGUATEMALANICARAGUAPERUHONDURASPANAMAURUGUAYMEXICOPARAGUAYVENEZUELA 2 _AN ADMINISTRATIVE SHORTLIST PER COUNTRYPATENTS IN LATIN AMERICAArgentinaBoliviaBrazilChileColombiaApplicable LawLaw Nº24481 of 1995 on Patents and Utility ModelsDecision 486 of the Andean CommunityLaw Nº9279 of 1996 on Industrial PropertyLaw Nº19039 of 1991 on Industrial PropertyDecision 486 of the Andean CommunityWhat can be protected?Inventions: solutions for technical problemsWhere to register?INPISENAPIINPIINAPISICRequirementsNovelty: an invention that has not been published or disclosed to the public at worldwide level.Inventive step: when they do not clearly derive from the current state of the art for a person skilled in the art. Industrial applicability and capable of being reproduced.Second use patentabilityAllowedNot allowedA...