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A digital round-up of everything payroll in 2020 Payroll The revolution that is remote work and how Zoho embraced changeCall it a paradigm shift in work-life or the new way of work, remote work is here to stay, and the events of the last year have only accelerated the demand for flexibility in where and how people work. When the pandemic struck, everyday communication, attendance check-in, proof collection, and many other previously simple practices had to be changed. For businesses to thrive under the pandemic, they had to adapt quickly, and Zoho stood by those who weathered the storm. How Zoho showed the way to embrace change:Playing for a larger causeAt Zoho, our approach is always customer-first, with continuous innovation and an R&D focus. As more and more organisations began to adapt to remote work, they also saw the need for a comprehensive their multi-dimensional business needs. While Zoho was built for remote work ages ago, the current landscape is completely tech culture allowe...