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IN THE GENERAL DIVISION OF THE HIGH COURT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE[2021] SGHC 241Suit No 927 of 2020 (Summonses Nos 5628 and 5684 of 2020)BetweenComposers and Authors Society of Singapore Ltd… Plaintiff AndFox Networks Group Singapore Pte Ltd… DefendantJUDGMENT[Intellectual Property] — [Copyright] — [Infringement] — [Standing to sue] — [Distinction between the exclusive right to authorise a person to do an act in relation to a copyright work and the exclusive right to do that act] [Intellectual Property] — [Copyright] — [Subject matter] — [Broadcasts] — [Whether point-to-point transmissions fall within the meaning of “broadcast” in the Copyright Act (Cap 63, 2006 Rev Ed)][Intellectual Property] — [Copyright] — [Infringement] — [Exclusive right to communicate the work to the public in s 26(1)(a)(iv) of the Copyright Act (Cap 63, 2006 Rev Ed)] — [Test for determining if the work is communicated to the “public”] — [Whether persons outside of Singapore form part of the “public”] iTABLE...