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14 PSJ PROFESSIONAL SAFETY JULY 2022 assp.orgHAZARD CONTROLPeer-ReviewedHidden Hazards Related to Common Landscaping PracticesBy Albert Weaver III, William Ojiambo, Jessica Kemp, Drew Diserafino, Anna Simmons and Isabella GossLLANDSCAPE EDGING HAS CAUSED INJURIES to people from tripping or lacerations due to the sharp edging sometimes protruding from the ground. In some cases, these incidents lead to lawsuits and economic losses when people who come onto a property, whether invited or not, feel they were not appropriately warned or pro-tected from the hazard.Frederick Law Olmsted, considered the father of U.S. landscape architecture, was known for designing the land-scapes of Central Park in New York City and the Biltmore house and its 125,000-acre estate near Asheville, NC. Now, some areas of both Central Park and the Biltmore Estate are edged while other areas have no edging. Even prior to Olmsted’s work, gardening practices used edging mate-rials in the 18th and 19th centuries. Thes...