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TECH SHEET #896PAGE 1Perpendicular Steps With RightAngle CornersOne of the unique benefits that sets Allan Block Retaining Wall Systems apart from other productsand wall systems is the great variety of options available for designing and building steps into aretaining wall. Following is one example; perpendicular steps with right angle corners. For otherexamples, see your local Allan Block representative or call the Allan Block Corp. at 952-835-5309.BEFORE GETTING STARTEDTime, Material And Equipment Requirements.Building perpendicularsteps with right angle corners is an option that requires the use of AB CornerBlocks (contact your local Allan Block producer to confirm availability)ormiter cutting standard Allan Block units(see AB Tech Sheet # 296, MiterCutting Outside Corners).In either case, a masonry saw equipped with a dia-mond tipped cutting blade will be necessary to produce the cuts requiredfor a tight fitting set of steps. Stairway construction may require extra timefor cutting ...