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Course work for PhD in Zoology Course one: Research Methodology (5 Credits) 01. Research Methodology: Literature review, Defining the research question, Approaches and Methodology, Documentation and presentation of data, Analysis and interpretation of data, manuscript preparation (8L) 02. Quantitative methods: Biostatistics used for analysis of data (7L) 03. Computer application: bioinformatics, databases and their applications ( 10L) 04. Tools and techniques: Biochemical and Biophysical techniques, Microscopic techniques, Histology and histochemistry, Cell biology, molecular biology, Genetic engineering techniques (20L) Techniques used for purification and characterization of biomolecules: Centrifugation, Ultrafilteration, Chromatography, electrophoresis, spectrophotometry, GC-MS, LCMS, NMR, MALDITOF, X-ray crystallograpgy, CD Microscopic techniques including Fluroscence microscopy, Confocal microscopy, Atomic force microscopy and live cell imaging FACS analysis Histology and histoche...