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1 Philippine Competition Act (RA 10667) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations Alberto C. Agra Subject Matter Law IRR Declaration of Policy Sec. 2 (a) Enhance economic efficiency and promote free and fair competition in trade, industry and all commercial economic activities, as well as establish a National Competition Policy to be implemented by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and all of its political agencies as a whole; (b) Prevent economic concentration which will control the production, distribution, trade, or industry that will unduly stifle competition, lessen, manipulate or constrict the discipline of free markets; and (c) Penalize all forms of anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position and anti-competitive mergers and acquisitions, with the objective of protecting consumer welfare and advancing domestic and international trade and economic development. Scope and Application (Sec.3) shall be enforceable against any person or entity engaged in a...