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Cooperative Extension Service | Agriculture and Natural Resources | Family and Consumer Sciences | 4-H Youth Development | Community and Economic DevelopmentUniversity of KentuckyCollege of Agriculture,Food and EnvironmentCooperative Extension ServiceLA-12Placemaking Planning and Designing Meaningful Public SpacesJayoung Koo, Landscape ArchitecturePublic Space, Public Place, and Public LifePublic spaces are areas that are open to the public. Spaces that are used most frequently tend to be valued highly in the community. These public spaces often have personal meanings associated with them that transform them into memo-rable places. Therefore, public places are not only locations in our society, but they tend to have an additional special identity linked to the public spaces. Great public places in communities should be destina-tions for both locals and visitors.Not all public spaces act as public places. The idea of public life has the po-tential to elevate the success of a public spac...