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57PHOTOGRAPHY BY lORenzO AGius PLAYBOY INTERVIEW: DAVID FINCHER“My responsibility to myself is always, Am I going to be the commodity that people want me to be, or am I going to do the shit that inter-ests me? I don’t like most comedies. I don’t like being ingratiated. I don’t like obsequiousness.”“I offer everything to Brad Pitt, not because I’m pathetic but because he’s good for so many things. Both Brad and Ben Affleck have a default ‘affable’ setting. Neither wants you to be uncomfortable.”“I’m sure there are people who think I bite the heads off puppies. There’s nothing I can do about that. The relationships that matter to me are always with people who wouldn’t have pre-conceived notions based on somebody’s work.”A candid conversation with the controversial director of Fight Club, Gone Girl and The Social Network about why his movies are so damn strangePeople tend to think twice about messing with David Fincher, director of perverse, wickedly funny, impeccably made head-twisters s...