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[For immediate release] PLAYMATES TOYS ANNOUNCED 2014 ANNUAL RESULTS * * * Highlights For the year ended 31 December 2014HK$’0002013 HK$’000 %changeRevenue 2,160,2061,658,527 +30.2%Gross profit 1,336,3441,041,734 +28.3%Operating profit 648,238546,542 +18.6%Profit attributable to shareholders490,672533,374 -8.0% HK centsHK cents Basic earnings per share 41.4445.73 Full year cash dividends per share 15.0015.00  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (“TMNT”) reached new height and continued to maintain top position in US action figure toy category, driven by the Nickelodeon TV series and the Paramount movie.  New Half-Shell Heroes products were very well received by consumers and set to become a significant extension of the brand.  European markets performed below expectation due to geopolitical developments and economic conditions although TMNT remained one of the top action figure brands in all major European markets.  In 2015 management expect US economic outlook to remain positive but Euro...