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Please support SB-443 to ban lawn pesticides on high school grounds. In our town of Durham, CT our District 13 high school was sprayed right before the kids returned to school. Kids and teachers were unknowingly walking across the lawn in preparation of the upcoming school days! When I spoke up, several teachers were very upset the groundskeeper chose to have this application done. When I went into the school to speak to him about the yellow signs he said "We have tried everything to get rid of the weeds-nothing else works." I tried to explain to him the lawn was extremely compacted and had little grass growing in it anyway. The Tru Green chemical application was not working either, it was exposing our community to harmful, unnecessary chemicals. It also gets mowed extremely short so good cultural practices are not being followed. It was made up of clover, dandelions and crabgrass. There was no way an application made by the Tru Green company was going to help this lawn. It needed to b...