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Political Science 1Political Science408 Gladfelter Hall215-204-7796https://liberalarts.temple.edu/academics/departments-and-programs/political-scienceDr. Mark Pollack, Chairperson461 Gladfelter [email protected] Alexandra Guisinger, Undergraduate Chairperson459 Gladfelter [email protected] Nicolaos Catsis, Undergraduate Advisor422 Gladfelter [email protected] Murphy, Internship Program Coordinator411 Gladfelter [email protected] Brennan, [email protected] and CareersThe Political Science major and minor enable students to learn about the theory and practice of politics across four established subfields: 1) Americanpolitics (including the local, state, and federal levels), 2) comparative (foreign) governments, 3) international relations, and 4) political theory. Studentsdevelop strong proficiency in analytical, research, and writing skills, with a particular emphasis o...