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Political Science Faculty 1Political Science FacultyChairMcBeth, Mark K., Professor, Political Science. B.A. 1987, M.P.A. 1989, D.A.1992, Idaho State University. (1995)ProfessorLybecker, Donna L., Professor, Political Science. B.A. 1992, Grinnell College;M.A. 1996, Tulane University; Ph.D. 2003, Colorado State University, FortCollins. (2007)Associate ProfessorsKirkpatrick, Kellee J., Associate Professor, Political Science. B.M. 2003,Kansas State University; B.A. 2003, Kansas State University; M.S. 2006,University of Kansas; M.A. 2009, University of Kansas; Ph.D. 2012, Universityof Kansas. (2014)Stoutenborough, James W., Associate Professor, Political Science. B.S.2003, Kansas State University; M.A. 2005, University of Kansas; Ph.D. 2010,University of Kansas. (2016)Assistant ProfessorsJohnson, Colin, Assistant Professor, Political Science. B.A. 2010, RhodesCollege; M.A. 2012, Brown University; Ph.D 2017, Brown University. (2019)Kammerer, Edward F. Jr., Assistant Professor, Political Sci...