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The Institute for Democracy & HigherEducation is dedicated to shifting institutionalpriorities, practices, and culture to increasestudent political learning, equity, andengagement in democracy. The Institute’ssignature initiative, the National Study ofLearning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE) isboth a service to colleges and universities—providing more than 900 colleges anduniversities nationwide with tailored reportscontaining their students’ voter registrationand voting rates — and a database of 8.5million student records, which is usedfor research on college student politicallearning and engagement. The Institute alsoconducts other research, including studies ofinstitutions with high (and low) levels of studentpolitical engagement. These reports stem fromthat research to bridge theory and practice.IDHE is a part of Tufts University’s JonathanM. Tisch College of Civic Life, a nationalleader in civic education whose model andresearch are setting the standard for highereducation’s role ...