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PROOF 1 2 3 4 5 691 Hamill, “Polychrome in the Sixties: David Smith and Anthony Caro,” Anglo-American Exchange in Postwar Sculpture, 1945–1975 (Getty, 2011)Polychrome in the Sixties: David Smith and Anthony CaroSarah HamillIn the winter of 1960–61, David Smith made a series of color slide transparencies in the snow-filled landscape surrounding his upstate New York studio. The setup was casual; sculptures were situated directly on the gravel and snow just outside the sculptor’s workshop. However informal their composition—however indifferent to the conventions of sculptural dis-play—Smith’s photographs stage an interchange between sculpture and land-scape in which paint acts as the deciding term. A photograph of Doorway on Wheels (1960) (fig. 1), for instance, juxtaposes the sculpture’s interplay of black lines against the white snow, presenting it in stark relief. Other colors appear in parcels: the burst of red in the sculpture’s wheel, the lone green pine to the right, and the subdue...