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© Scholastic LtdNanny McPhee and the Big Bang – synopsis Nanny McPhee uses her magic to teach children important lessons about good behaviour. Nanny McPhee is very ugly, but as the children learn the lessons, her looks improve.Mrs Green and her children Norman, Megsie and Vincent are looking after the family’s farm while Mr Green is fighting in the Second World War. Life is difficult, and it becomes a lot worse when the children’s spoilt cousins, Cyril and Celia, come to stay. All the children start fighting. Luckily, Nanny McPhee arrives just in time.Meanwhile, Mr Green’s brother, Phil, is badly in debt. How can he persuade Mrs Green to sell the farm? First he lets out the piglets that she plans to sell, but the children find them. Then Phil writes a telegram saying that Mr Green is dead. But Norman is suspicious. He goes to London with Cyril and Nanny McPhee and discovers that it isn't true. When they arrive home, a bomb lands in a field on the farm. Megsie and Nanny McPhee manage to...