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Product Data SheetA quality product ofDrywood Coatings B.V.T: +31 (0)53 433 4422F: +31 (0)53 430 6832www.drywood.nlContains no or minimal solventsWaterborne brush quality for professional useSuited for interior and exterior use.GeneralPropertiesColours and packagingDensity1,03 - 1,05 kg/l (depending the colour)Solids contentapprox. 41 Vol% (depending the colour)VOC contentmax 50 g/lEU-Limit (2004/42/EG annex. II A(d): 130 g/l)Consumptionappr. 9,5 m2/lat 40 μm dry film thicknessGeneralEnvironmentCleaningWasteSAFETY INFORMATIONPDS no.308001ENRevision17 August 2012Suited for interior and exterior use.Poseidon UV TR SGDRYWOOD Poseidon UV TR SG can be applied by brushing or rolling on a clean surface, sanded and dry, free of dust and grease. Wood construction and glazing system have to be free of defects. For extrior use, repair with 2 component epoxy. Sand new wood in direction of the grains. Remove old paint layers down to clean wood. Avoid painting in direct sunlight. Use above 8°C and m...