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Practical 2: Verbal and Non-verbal communication Verbal communication: Verbal communication takes place directly between people/ superiors and juniors in organizations and between farmers and extension functionaries in the field and is often known as face to face communication. It takes the form of talks, a public address, verbal discussions, telephonic talks, telecommunications and other artificial media, such as audio-visual aids speeches and orders, holdings of meetings and conferences, lectures, social get-togethers, training sessions, public address systems, etc. Merits of Verbal communication 1. It is the least time consuming, is more direct, simple and the least expensive. 2. It is more communicative and effective. 3. It provides an immediate feedback. 4. Since every information cannot be put into writing, most of it is conveyed by means of oral instructions, mutual discussions and telephonic conversations. Demerits of Verbal communication 1. Verbal talks may often be distorted ...