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Pre-course checklist for your CE livestream course with McKissock AppraisalTo brand-new appraisers and appraisal veterans alike: WELCOME! We’re so excited to be a part of this learning journey with you. Now that you’re officially enrolled in a continuing education livestream course, we recommend the following actions to ensure the best classroom experience: Review the Webex Meetings Instruction Guide: You’ll be accessing McKissock’s livestream course through Cisco Webex Meetings platform. If it’s your first time using the program, review our instruction guide (found here) to learn how to join and navigate Webex Meetings.• Download course materials: Download all your course materials prior to class. You can find all appropriate documents for your course in the “My Courses” part of your student dashboard. Click Livestream at the top of the page, locate your class, and click on the down arrow next to the Open Webinar button.• Have your USPAP publication available: If you are taking a USPA...