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Updated 4/10/2021 PRE-VETERINARY MEDICINE CONCENTRATION Biology Department Office, Life Sciences 210 Phone: 719-549-2743 Fax: 719-549-2993 2200 Bonforte Boulevard, Pueblo, CO 81001-4901 E-Mail: [email protected] Advisors: Dr. Moussa Diawara Office: LS 246 Phone: 719-549-2813 E-Mail: [email protected] Dr. Lee Anne Martinez Office: LS 218 Phone: 719-549-2744 E-Mail: [email protected] Dr. Fran Sandmeier Office: LS 244 Phone: 719-549-2492 Email: [email protected] The pre-veterinary medicine emphasis is offered to those students interested in eventually applying for admission to a college of veterinary medicine. It is a set of requirements recommended for admission to veterinary school rather than a major. That is, students must fulfill additional requirements to receive a bachelor’s degree. Students are urged to select a major that will complement Pre-Vet course requirements. Suggested majors at CSU-Pueblo include chemistry and biology, (dependin...