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SAINT-GOBAIN Headquarters: Tour Saint-Gobain - 12 place de l'Iris - 92096 - La Défense Cedex - France - Tel: +33 1 88 54 00 00 www.saint-gobain.com PRESS RELEASE November 25, 2021 COMPAGNIE DE SAINT-GOBAIN’S BOARD OF DIRECTORS CO-OPTS MS. LINA GHOTMEH, FRENCH-LEBANESE ARCHITECT, AS AN INDEPENDENT DIRECTOR Based on the recommendation of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, the Board of Directors decided today to co-opt Ms. Lina Ghotmeh as an independent director to replace Mr. Denis Ranque, who has resigned, for the remainder of the latter's term of office, i.e., until the close of the Shareholders General Meeting called to approve the financial statements for the year 2022. This cooptation, which takes effect today, will be submitted for ratification at the Shareholders General Meeting on June 2, 2022. The Board of Directors would like to thank Mr. Denis Ranque, who significantly contributed to the Board's discussions and decisions throughout the years of his term of office based...