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Many Plants available at our premises all year round.Please Note: Prices and quantities are subject to change and are to be used as a guide only. Prices are as shown online or in our shop.Click and Collect available at https://crawley-horticultural-society.square.site ProfessionalSinclairProfessional Growing Medium85% Peat75 Litres7.25£ Sinclair100% Peat75 Litres7.25£ Multi-PurposeWestland60% Peat60 Litres4.70£ J Arthur Bower's50 Litres3.30£ Westland70 Litres4.65£ Westland90% Peat40 Litres3.20£ Westland90% Peat60 Litres4.35£ Westland70% Peat50 Litres3.95£ Westland0% Peat40 Litres2.80£ Westland0% Peat50 Litres4.35£ John InnesJ Arthur Bower's45% Peat25 Litres3.50£ Westland45% Peat35 Litres3.20£ Westland45% Peat35 Litres3.20£ OtherWestland50 Litres3.25£ Westland35 Litres3.30£ Westland100 Litres7.35£ Westland2.40£ Westland40 Litres2.80£ Westland56 Litres3.75£ Grits and SandsWestlandLarge Bag3.50£ MeadowviewLarge Bag5.35£ WestlandLarge Bag3.50£ MeadowviewLarge Bag4.50£ BarkWestland90 Litres...