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1 TeleVoIPs Problem ReedTMS’ on-premise phone system limited flexibility and uptime. It required their internal IT staff spend valuable time managing and maintaining the system and offered little to no redundancy in the event of a disaster. Solution ReedTMS partnered with TeleVoIPs in 2019 to improve their telecom uptime and leverage advanced communication tools that help their large logistics organization communicate efficiently, provide the best possible customer service, and give their team more flexibility. They leverage TeleVoIPs support to manage their phone system, freeing their IT staff from administrative tasks. They employ TeleVoIPs’ high-level call reporting, quality control measures, and analytics to measure employee performance and KPIs, ensuring their clients are always well taken care of. When the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic began, the TeleVoIPs team seamlessly transitioned the ReedTMS phone system to a fully remote model. The partnership keeps ReedTMS on the cutting-edge of ...