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LEGAL OPINION INTERNATIONAL OBLIGATIONS GOVERNING THE ACTIVITIES OF EXPORT CREDIT AGENCIES IN CONNECTION WITH THE CONTINUED FINANCING OF FOSSIL FUEL-RELATED PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES Kate Cook / Jorge E. Viñuales Table of contents Executive summary I. Content and scope of the legal advice requested II. Conduct of Export Credit Agencies governed by international law III. Legality of ECAs’ continued financing of fossil fuels-related projects/activities under international law 1. Due diligence obligations under customary international law 2. Duties arising in specific normative contexts A. Duties arising under the international climate change regime B. Duties arising under international human rights law C. The OECD instruments on ECAs IV. Conclusions Executive summary 1. This Opinion has been prepared in response to a request for legal advice from Oil Change International, a not-for-profit research, communications and advocacy organisation focussed on exposing the true costs of fossil fuels...