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PST-1450: Landscape Design - CAD 1PST-1450: LANDSCAPE DESIGN - CADCuyahoga Community CollegeViewing: PST-1450 : Landscape Design - CADBoard of Trustees:January 2021Academic Term:Fall 2021Subject CodePST - Plant Science/Landscape Tech.Course Number:1450Title:Landscape Design - CADCatalog Description:An introduction to the operational components of landscape design software, including the methods and procedures to develop thetypes of drawings typically used for landscape design/sales presentations and construction implementation at a residential scale,from initial file set-up to printing the completed drawings.Credit Hour(s):3Lecture Hour(s):2Lab Hour(s):3RequisitesPrerequisite and CorequisitePST-1441 Introduction to Landscape Design and IT-1090 Computer Applications.OutcomesCourse Outcome(s):1. Utilize Computer Aided Design (CAD) graphic communication techniques during the design, sales, and implementation processesof landscape design/build.Objective(s):1.Demonstrate a working knowledge ...