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QBE Home Insurance Valuation GuideThis guide is designed to help provide some information on how to estimate the amounts to be insured when you complete the QBE Home Cover proposal. This guide provides general information only and may not reflect your particular requirements.Your house checksheetThe table below helps give an indication on how to calculate the size of your house. Please note that the measurements provided are estimates only. Prior to completing the QBE Home Cover proposal you should check your own house size. You may also wish to seek advice from a local builder, building valuer or engineer on current rebuilding costs for your home.Your contents checklistThe contents of your home are valuable and you want to make sure you are fully covered. To assist you in estimating the value of your contents we are providing a checklist. Please note: this checklist is provided as a guide only and may not include all the items in your home you wish to cover. We suggest that you go thr...