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Page 1 of 2TECHNICAL DATA SHEET FORQD RED OXIDE METAL PRIMERDESCRIPTION : QD Red Oxide Metal Primer is an one-component quick dry alkyd-based shop primer for the protection of metals under mildly corrosiveconditionsTYPE : Solvent-based alkyd resin primerCOLOUR : Iron Oxide RedFINISH : MattUSES : Specially developed as a quick drying shop primer for pipes,equipment, machinery and steel structures under normal conditionsFEATURES :  Ready-to-use and fast dry Good protection of suitably-cleaned metals under mildlycorrosive environments Good workabilityAPPLICATION DATAMETHOD : Roller, brush or sprayTHEORETICAL COVERAGE : Approx 15 m2 / litre (based on 25 microns DFT per coat)DILUTION : Ready to use.If needed, dilute 5 - 10% using Bodelac 9000 GP ReducerSURFACE PREPARATION : Ferrous Metal Surface:Remove rust and any unstable matter by power brushing or sandpaper. The surface must be clean and dry, free from grease, oil, rustand other foreign matter. For optimum performance, abrasiveblasti...