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Diego Rivera 142 Questioning Traditions2Spanish Still LifeIn his own experimentation with cubism, Rivera painted No. 9, Nature Morte Espagnole (Spanish Still Life) in boldly simplifi ed shapes. Look for circles, triangles, and rectangles. Which objects do you recognize? Overlapping rectangles show a table viewed both from above and the side. Where did Rivera paint patterns to imitate the wood grain of the table top?A large earthenware jug at the center of the table casts a blue-green shadow. Surrounding it are glass bottles, fruits, and vegetables, all shown from multiple views. On the left, Rivera included a molinillo, a small wooden whisk used to mix the ancient Mexican drink chocolate de agua. For hundreds of years, Mexicans have used molinillos to whip hot chocolate into a frothy drink. When making his cubist paintings in Europe, Rivera often included things that reminded him of Mexico. Can you fi nd all three views of the molinillo?1Mexico’s ModernistDiego María Rivera (1886 – 195...