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What’s included?BaseMarkerShimsIncludes Base, Marker, Lanyard, Shims, Wall Charger, International Adapter Plugs (for in-ternational shipments only) and Audio Cable. ABCMarker Lanyard ClipQuick start guideGetting Started.1Solid Red - On, unconnect-ed to MarkerFlashing Red - Low battery (both LEDs)Solid Green - On, connect-ed to MarkerSolid Red - Bluetooth not connectedFlashing Red - Bluetooth ready to pairSolid Green - Bluetooth connectedPowerBluetoothSyncMarker statusUSBMicro USBCharge status AudioPowerShutterThe marker is stored in the integrated charging dock under the lid towards the back of the Swivl. Plug in your Swivl and charge them both at the same time.When plugged in, the LED lights indicate the following.Flashing Green - Base charging Flashing Red - Marker charging Solid Green - All charged Adjusting fit.Push removable grip holder left. Then lift to remove.Remove shim from grip holder.2Mounting and audio.Mount your mobile device into the Swivl base. It is recommended that yo...